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If you are looking for a high-caliber CEBU SEO Specialist, you’ve found the right page. Hiring a specialist whose name dominates the search results pages is a good indicator that your website is in safe hands.

OutSmart You, ranking #1 for Cebu SEO, gives you a hint on our ability to deliver desired output to your business.

We offer effective optimization to your businesses and ensures consistent growth of traffic, maximize sales, as well as generate leads and inquiries. Through Search Engine Optimization, expect a boost of online presence locally and globally.

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OutSmart You, Cebu SEO and Digital Marketing Agency

OutSmart You is an agency locally based in the heart of Cebu City, Philippines. We mainly focus on how to outsmart your business competitors in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This is not just ranking client’s targeted keywords but making sure that said keywords are highly profitable and ensures return on investment (ROI) into your businesses.

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Local SEO Consultant

OutSmart You offers a free consultation to your business website if you want to integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of your digital marketing strategy. A one-time but solid site audit of the website/s and a recommendation on strategies to implement that meets Search Engine Guidelines (e.g. Google).

No BS, just honest advice from the CEBU SEO specialist

There are two types of SEO Specialist: the one who sweet talks but delivers less and the one who is straightforward and result-driven. OutSmart You takes pride in being the latter type of an SEO Specialist.

Hiring an SEO specialist for your business is crucial. You need a trusted fellow who can guarantee the desired output to be delivered and saves you time from worrying. In OutSmart You, we provide a detailed yet simplified progress report, affordable SEO package and continuously give a recommendation on how you can maximize your business niche and reach out to new prospects.

Why Choose OutSmart You?

Hungry for results and goal-oriented
Don’t milk clients paying forever the service without returns.
Offer a money back guarantee if desired output is not met.
A proven strategy that only 60% of the SEO industry are utilizing and mostly are International SEO Specialist.

We don’t believe in tying our clients for any long contracts to get results

If hired to work for your business, OutSmart You will make sure expectations are met within the set time-frame. If we perform short than promised, you are free to end subscription with us. As proof, you can ask our Amazon Partners where we rank their sites: and in Google.


Instead of CEBU SEO, Why not SEO Philippines?
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What is this 3-Month Rule?
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Low Key

To keep something low key. Plus, expert SEOs are either outsourced by foreign entrepreneurs or hired by big companies usually located in the metropolitan which leaves local business owners, especially in Cebu, with only a few of the best or claiming to be one. The need to supply this scarcity is where OutSmart You positions itself to help boost local businesses or entrepreneurs situated in Cebu by means of profitability and exposure thru SEO. Nonetheless, I want to meet most of my clients personally since I am also based in Cebu, Philippines.

No Sorcery

I am a purely ethical SEO guy. My “go to” strategies are the ones that follow and in compliance with Google quality guidelines. No need for any sorcery. .

Results Based

We don’t work like a typical SEO who normally see some spike in rankings in the first 6 months. We give you the result in 3 months time.

Rank Hacking

Depending on the client’s budget as well but in most cases, rankings will start to spike in 2-3 months.

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