How minimal PBN can help boost a website rankings in 2 months

How minimal amount of PBN can help boost a website rankings in 2 months

How minimal amount of PBN can help boost a website rankings in 2 months

by admin January 25, 2019

In this case study, I’m going to show how a simple PBN (no design, right structures and using a free template) helps a 2-month old website to rank in several competitive keywords locally, in Google’s first page.

Truth be told, I don’t wear white hats exclusively. As I’m more concern into meeting client’s expectations and satisfy them with end-result, I sometimes resort to gray hats. This includes Private Blog Network or PBN and how proper monitoring is the key in order to reap good results.In spite of that, I still have a wide array of ethical SEO strategies on my sleeves.

There is a lot of debate circulating online regarding PBN and this case study will not be covering any of it. However, take note that whether you choose to build PBN or go for strictly ethical SEO, PBN is not a long term solution unless you’re renting it to cover up expenses.

A bit of info about my client’s site.

Her niche is against AdWords policy and SEO will definitely be her last option. The domain was bought last week of October 2018 and it was made fully functional by 1st week of November 2018. The results can be seen in the image below.

The site has a maximum of 8-15 inquiries per day as well as getting real-time visitors in Google Analytics, as can be seen here :


I only use 4 PBN  for said client, in which, one of them has already expired last week of January 2019. None of the PBN are related to my client’s website, not even the content. See below for PBN SEO metrics.

About the SEO metrics shown above

Website traffic – is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website and can be seen using ahrefs or semrush.

Relevance – talks about how close or related the website/content is to another.

DA / PA (domain authority/page authority) – is a metric, developed by Moz, to predict the ability of a specific page to rank in search engines. Uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale.

TF/CF – Trust flow metric analyze how trustworthy a site is by measuring its quality. A good trust flow is harder to get than a citation flow and so the CF will always get higher than the TF.

Ref. Domains – a referring domain is a domain that backlinks are coming from.

Domain Age – refers to the length of time that a website has been registered and active.

Alexa Score – is a measure of website popularity. It ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular.



Apologies if I wasn’t able to tackle everything like: right hosting to host a PBN, aging a PBN and its content, right time to link a PBN to money site, and what anchor text keywords should be used. Just feel free to PM me on my personal FB account for any possible questions.


Key Takeaways

  • Based on my experience, PBNs are powerful especially if you’re using it for local niche websites.
  • PBN structures and designs don’t matter esp. for this local niche website. But using poor PBN on highly competitive global targeting niche sites, will most likely result to a manual penalty.
  • Link building is such a big help in terms of boosting rankings. But targeting a local audience, CCTLD (country code top level domains) is one of the main reason behind its success.


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