Ranking boost for GMB(Google My Business) listings in less than a month

How to boost GMB(Google My Business) listings in less than a month

How to boost GMB(Google My Business) listings in less than a month

by admin January 08, 2019

This case study refers to rank hacking a GMB listing also known as Google My Business. It’s a listing of your business that will appear through Local and Organic search results, especially on Google Maps.

It might be absurd, but the strategies implemented are way too old and abused by SEO for  local optimization.  However still plays the important role in optimizing a Google My Business listing and still working.


You can check more details about the Do's and Don'ts for Google My Business here.


Moving on..

I got a client around December of 2018 but we fully commenced work on the 18th, after getting full access on their Google My Business account, subscribed to rank tracking tool, stuff needed for GMB optimization etc. After a week of implementation, the results are oddly satisfying.


Google Local Finder

Learn more about Google local finder here


The most interesting part about this is when my client’s organic rankings in Google also benefited from the strategies and implementations.

Google Organic Search Results



Here’s how :

  1. Google My Business updates/postings

    – just like website/blogs, Google My Business too need updates. Yes, via GMB posting. However the post will be removed after 7 days. I think it was mainly for restaurants and local business provider if they have something new on their menu or business.

  2. Tweak GMB title/name to Domain Name + Main Keyword + Location

    client had 8 GMB listings named after their “domain name” alone. So as for optimization, we named it to domain name + main keyword + their target location.

  3. Right NAPU(Name , Address/location, Phone and Url) for landing page, GMB and local citations/directories

    – in order to obtain great results and rankings. Making sure that the right NAPU  is being implemented from landing page, to local citations/directories and matches your Google My Business listings.

    Note: My client’s case : they have multiple listings in GMB having the same name, but different in locations, phone numbers. However the website url is  the same(domain url) across multiple listings. Meaning they’re targeting different locations for their service.

    Here’s my approach towards multiple locations for LOCAL SEO client

    a. look for possible landing page on their website(not just their homepage url). e.g. website.com/locations/cebu_plumbing
    b. locate specific GMB listing that has the same information from the landing page
    c. optimize GMB listing and add the website url (landing page). See sample below.

    d. Scan existing listings from different local directories and submit to listing directories that you missed if necessary.


Key Takeaways

  1. NAP is good but considering a client with multiple locations, NAPU(name , address, phone, url) will takes place.
  2. Keywords in GMB are useful but somehow applicable to businesses who offers multi-location on their service.
  3. Even a minimal directory submission can help your local rankings.
  4. An optimized GMB listing served as a signal and somehow helps organic rankings(slight correlation).



Recently, Steven Kang a seasoned SEO and a marketing professional once posted on his page : SEO Signals Lab.com

google my business steven kang


Let me know about your thoughts about it, in the comment section below. You might as well pm me on my personal Facebook. For white label SEO, kindly refer to my pricing.

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